Birthday Brunch in Bed

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Happy Sunday! Sharing a new lifestyle post today, all about putting together the perfect birthday brunch in bed. For my hubby’s birthday last month, I surprised him with a lavish brunch in bed. We usually have some kind of egg for breakfast but we’ve never had eggs florentine at home. I thought this would be the perfect occasion to surprise him with something new. If you’re thinking of a simple birthday idea for your loved one, this one is sure to put a smile on their face and bellies! Here are a few pointers for putting together a beautiful birthday brunch in bed.


I kept this entire plan hush hush from my hubby. I did the groceries and other shopping ahead of time and hid it all away. On the actual day, I woke up much earlier than him to begin all of the prep. I’m sure he heard I was up to something, but I bet he didn’t expect a 2-course birthday brunch in bed. When I walked in with this breakfast tray, he was so surprised and happy! I really recommend doing this as a surprise, to make it feel all the more special 🙂


Figure out how much time you have to prepare brunch and work backwards accordingly. If you know you can sneak out of bed early enough without the birthday boy/girl waking up, then go all out. I decided to make eggs florentine, mimosas, and serve fruit as a side. To finish the brunch with something sweet, I went for waffles with chocolate sauce and strawberries. It isn’t too extravagant but having 2 courses and the presentation of it all makes it feel super luxe, just enough to spoil him on his birthday!


If you haven’t purchased a breakfast in bed tray yet, this is the perfect excuse. There’s something very luxurious about being served breakfast in a tray, proper hotel room service style. Adding a vase with fresh flowers is a key addition to the breakfast tray. (Tip: buy a short vase from the dollar store, cut flower stems to the same height and arrange them in the vase). As well, tried to coordinate the colours of the food items. I chose a fruit that matches the sauce colour on the eggs, just to make everything look really well put together. The mimosas fit right into the yellow colour scheme as well. The red roses stood out quite well among the yellow and fit right in with the waffles and strawberries. Look for the neatest ways to present the special brunch. The fancy factor for me was the 2-tier fruit presentation. It’s all in the details, right? 😉 I’ve picked out a few items for you to shop below, to make your birthday brunch in bed presentation look as beautiful as ever.



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