Weekends in the City with Coach

Weekends in the City with Coach

Coach Saddle Bag 23 in 1941 SaddleCoach Saddle Bag 23 in 1941 Saddle Coach Saddle Bag 23 in 1941 SaddleCoach Saddle Bag 23 in 1941 Saddle Coach Saddle Bag 23 in 1941 Saddle Coach Saddle Bag 23 in 1941 Saddle

Like most of us who are busy grinding it out all week, I really look forward to weekends. It’s my own time to do my favourite things in the city. Sometimes it means dressing up, and other times it means going casual. I usually end up somewhere in between and for the past month, my companion every weekend has been my new Coach Saddle Bag 23. I shared a little bit of my history with the brand here. It has been exciting to celebrate Coach’s 75th anniversary with one of their most classic bags. What’s even more exciting is being asked which brand my bag is when I’m out on weekends and seeing the pleasant smiles when I respond “Coach”.

So what are my favourite things to do in the city on weekends?


I bet you could’ve guessed this one from my Instagram posts haha. Toronto’s brunch game is seriously up there. Some of my recent favourites are Saturday Dinette, Maha’s and Portland Variety. There are so many to discover in the city and I love making memories with old and new faces over a classic brunch date.


Whether it’s with local bloggers, friends or family, meet ups are an absolute necessity for a good weekend. I actually can’t recall having a weekend where I didn’t meet up with someone to just hang out and catch up. There’s something very satisfying about it and I hope it remains even when life gets busier and busier.


My hubby and I love driving on weekends. We take the subway all week so it’s quite liberating to finally get behind the wheel on weekends. Whether it’s simply to go from one destination to another, or finding a new neighbourhood and discovering beautiful new places, we love driving around. Ps. I’m always in charge of the music!

Before the Coach saddle bag came into my life, I’d carry around a big bag and stuff a lot of unnecessary things to carry along. Either that, or go the complete opposite and just carry a credit card and phone in my pocket. Total extremes right, haha. I love being able to go handsfree with Coach’s crossbody saddle bag. It’s the perfect size and as always, I chose a neutral colour, making it easy to style with any outfit. My favourite way to wear it is under my camel coat.

What’s your favourite memory with Coach?

Ever New Camel Coat // Just Black Denim // Zara Sweater // Coach Saddle Bag 23 // Acne Studios Jensen Boots

Photography by: Chris Smart

Thanks to Coach for sponsoring this post.


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