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eating-tips-busy-schedules-foodora-toronto-food-delivery-mobile-app-salad-king-spring-sushiLet’s face it, we have all had those days with back to back meetings when we are left with no time to get food in our systems. Not only is it unhealthy to starve yourself, but it also slows you down from completing your tasks productively and attentively. I am sure that just like me, you also try to exercise weekly meal planning efforts. On some days though, that’s completely thrown out the door so today, I am sharing three eating tips for busy schedules.

1. Snack on Healthy Nutseating-tips-busy-schedules-snack-nutsAs you are heading to your next meeting, reach in to your purse for a small bag of healthy nuts to keep your brain active and tummy satisfied for the next little while.

2. Stay Hydratedeating-tips-busy-schedules-stay-hydrated-fresh-fruit-vegetable-juicesI’m always an advocate for drinking as much water as you can during the day. However, this time I’m talking about staying hydrated with fresh fruit or vegetable juices. Throw in a bottle of fresh juice and if you don’t have any at home, order in! Read my last tip below to see how easy that is.

3. Order In

When you just can’t step away to buy a meal, order in! I’ve been ordering in quite a bit using foodora, a premium food delivery service based in Toronto. They recently launched a mobile app and this got me so excited because it means you can order right from your phone! This is perfect for when you’re running from one meeting to another and can’t get on a desktop or laptop to submit your food order. I used the mobile app just the other day for the first time, and I was impressed with the easy, fast and user friendly experience. Let me take you through it – it’s seriously the perfect solution for busy schedules.eating-tips-busy-schedules-foodora-toronto-food-delivery-mobile-app-iphoneDownload the foodora mobile app from the App Store or Google Play. Enter your address, select your favourite nearby restaurant and choose what you’re craving.
eating-tips-busy-schedules-foodora-toronto-food-delivery-app-salad-kingI was craving my favourite dish from Salad King – Thai Islamic and my coworker wanted Sushi. Wait, let me take a minute to tell you about my deep love for Thai Islamic, Salad King’s hidden menu item. I discovered it years ago, and I promise it’s the best Pad Thai you’ll ever taste! Best part? The foodora app had it on the menu with a little note mentioning to be hush hush about this secret menu item. I felt so well taken care of, haha. It’s incredible how well thought out the app is and of course, there are so many restaurants you can choose from. I mean, even the healthiest places of all are available on the foodora app, in case you’re looking to get your dose of fresh vegetable and fruit juices and kale salads.eating-tips-busy-schedules-foodora-toronto-food-delivery-app-salad-king-spring-sushiThat’s me adding peanuts to my pad thai – I don’t do pad thai without peanuts, so I loved that I was able to select this add-on through the foodora app. Having the option to select that felt like I had a server taking my order. The entire process was easy, quick and just what I needed during my busy schedule.eating-tips-busy-schedules-foodora-toronto-food-delivery-mobile-app-iphone-order-statusOh and did I mention, the status of your order is updated live within the app? It’s super convenient to take a quick peek and know when the food is about to arrive. It was a total life saver and it’s one of my best eating tips for busy schedules.

What are some of the things you do to make sure your well fed and hydrated during your busy day? I’d love to hear about it in the Comments section.



  1. March 4, 2016 / 9:54 am

    I rarely have time to cook so ordering food is always my backup. I also like to go to the local health market and pick up some premade dinner. So easy and so yummy. Also, Thai food is my favorite!!!

  2. March 6, 2016 / 2:26 am

    I love this app and your food looks amazing!!! I barely have time to cook these days! Great post! xo

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