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How goes it, mate? Welcome to part two of the Echoes in Australia series, Echoes in Sydney. I hope you enjoyed reading all about our time in Adelaide. We loved our time there, but we couldn’t wait to experience Sydney. After all, it is the most famous city to visit when in Australia. As much as people would assume, Sydney is not the capital city of Australia, but it sure feels like it. Read along as I take you through the best things to do in Sydney.

Day 1: Airbnb Check In & Opera Barechoes-in-sydney-australia-things-to-do-2Touchdown in Sydney.echoes-in-sydney-australia-things-to-do-3echoes-in-sydney-australia-things-to-do-4echoes-in-sydney-australia-things-to-do-5We found an Airbnb place in the Kirribilli neighbourhood. I chose this location because it was fairly close to the CBD area and more importantly, it provided a gorgeous view of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. We settled in, freshened up and headed out right away.

echoes-in-sydney-australia-things-to-do-6echoes-in-sydney-australia-things-to-do-7We went to the Opera Bar which is right along Sydney Harbour. We enjoyed having a few drinks (priced extremely reasonably, considering the location) and snacks right by the water’s edge. I absolutely recommend spending an evening here because the vibe is so amazing with the perfect mix of posh yet relaxed atmosphere. I couldn’t take my eyes off the gorgeous Opera House which was just steps away.echoes-in-sydney-australia-things-to-do-8echoes-in-sydney-australia-things-to-do-9echoes-in-sydney-australia-things-to-do-10We walked along the harbour and made our way to the Harbour Bridge. It’s a stunning bridge, but I’m guilty for taking more photos of the Opera House. After all, it is one of the most photographed landmarks worldwide. We chose not to do the Harbour Bridge climb, but I hear it’s quite the experience so add it to your itinerary if it interests you.

Day 2: Beach Dayechoes-in-sydney-australia-things-to-do-1echoes-in-sydney-australia-things-to-do-12We promised ourselves we would get up at 4:00 am to see the sun awaken at Bondi Beach, no matter how much sleep we got the night before. With just three hours of sleep, we decided we were still going to make this happen. We got to Bondi at 5:00 am and saw the most beautiful sunrise. The vibe was unreal. So many locals were up and about their morning fitness routines. It was so contagious and inspired us to run along the beach as well. Just like the locals. Karan went in for a swim as well. echoes-in-sydney-australia-things-to-do-13echoes-in-sydney-australia-things-to-do-15We had breakfast to gear up for the coastal 3.5 km Bondi to Bronte walk. You can either walk or bike. We chose to walk the entire way to Bronte Beach.echoes-in-sydney-australia-things-to-do-14The Bondi Icebergs. It’s absolutely insane when the waves from the ocean come crashing into these pools. Be sure to go for a swim here.echoes-in-sydney-australia-things-to-do-16I found this enchanting mirror on a tree along the walk and obviously had to take a selfie to document this Alice-in-Wonderland-esque moment. If you’re looking for this, it’s about a 15 minute walk in from Bondi Beach, shortly after you pass the Bondi Icebergs.echoes-in-sydney-australia-things-to-do-17Gorgeous views along the way to Bronte Beach. It was so fulfilling to finally reach Bronte and soak in some more of the sun. We enjoyed fresh watermelon juice at the shack there, one of my absolute favourites.

We had a mini adventure where I lost my phone because I was too indulged in the watermelon juice and left it somewhere on the beach. The good news is that I eventually found my phone but we went through quite the adventure and learned that Australians are so helpful and kind. One of the lifeguards at Bronte Beach lent me his phone so I could sign on to Find iPhone to track where my phone is located. He drew out a map and had one of his friends show us which way to go. Each person we met along the way to help me find the phone went above and beyond, even the police officer from whom we picked up the phone at the police station. Yup, quite the adventure. Although it disturbed our plans for the day, I had no complaints because I now have wonderful memories of these amazing Australian people.echoes-in-sydney-australia-things-to-do-18We checked out malls and had lunch in the CBD area. I loved coming across these hanging bird cages at Angel Place.echoes-in-sydney-australia-things-to-do-19echoes-in-sydney-australia-things-to-do-20We headed back to our place to freshen up for a romantic dinner at the Waterfront Restaurant along Circular Quay. echoes-in-sydney-australia-things-to-do-21We were very lucky to see fireworks go off behind the Opera House which was shining bright in red that night. We loved this view from our table while enjoying the delicious meal at the Waterfront. We ended the evening by taking a ferry back to Kirribilli. Sigh, I could just imagine us living this Australian life.

Day 3: Blue Mountains

We woke up early and picked up our car rental as we were headed for a drive out of the city. We decided to spend Day 3 up at the Blue Mountains. The drive was beautiful. Coolest part? Finding roadside shops selling Ugg boots! Side note: UGG happens to be a brand created in North America. However, in Australia they are called Ugg boots regardless if they are the branded ones or not.echoes-in-sydney-australia-things-to-do-25Wentworth Falls is one of the famous landmarks just before the Blue Mountains. I had seen so many gorgeous photos of this place so we decided to stop here even though it wasn’t exactly a part of the plan. We hiked quite a bit but didn’t make it down to see the waterfall. We realized we’d need an entire day to get there and back to truly enjoy it. Instead, we decided to enjoy the trek and saw peeks of the waterfall along the way. Also, I loved these super photogenic steps so much.echoes-in-sydney-australia-things-to-do-22We arrived at the Blue Mountains and made our way to the Scenic World area to begin our adventure at the mountains. By purchasing tickets from the Scenic World, we were able to experience things like the Scenic Cableway, Scenic Walkway and the Scenic Railway. echoes-in-sydney-australia-things-to-do-24A breathtaking view of the Katoomba Falls from the cable car ride.echoes-in-sydney-australia-things-to-do-23A ride down the steepest railway in the entire world.

We were very tired with all the hiking and exploring and were automatically drawn to hit Bondi Beach again. We wanted to relax and have dinner in that area. We enjoyed dinner at an Indian restaurant, Namaste and called it a night.

Day 4: Brekky at the Boathouse and Open Air Cinema

We returned our car in the morning and headed down to Balmoral Beach for a scenic breakfast. Sorry, I mean, brekky. Australians love shortening any word they can. Breakfast is brekky. Sunglasses are sunnies. McDonald’s is Macca’s. Yup, the official logo on all McDonald’s restaurants reads “Macca’s”.echoes-in-sydney-australia-things-to-do-31When in Sydney, brekky at The Boathouse – Balmoral Beach is an absolute must! The views are incredible, the food is delicious, the juices are to die for and the little nooks and decor are an Instagrammer’s dream.echoes-in-sydney-australia-things-to-do-27echoes-in-sydney-australia-things-to-do-26echoes-in-sydney-australia-things-to-do-28echoes-in-sydney-australia-things-to-do-29echoes-in-sydney-australia-things-to-do-30

echoes-in-sydney-australia-things-to-do-32After a fulfilling morning, we headed back to the Circular Quay area to check out the Royal Botanical Gardens. It was gorgeous and we saw everything from bamboo trees to lorikeets chirping away on exotic looking Australian trees. Truly something to experience.echoes-in-sydney-australia-things-to-do-36

echoes-in-sydney-australia-things-to-do-35Okay, but what really brought us here was the need to find a view of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge behind it. I’m sure you’ll be hunting this view down when you’re in Sydney as well. So to make it easy for you, I suggest looking for a landmark called, “Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair”. Karan and I really enjoyed taking photos here. We had quite some time before heading to the last exciting experience in Sydney.echoes-in-sydney-australia-things-to-do-37echoes-in-sydney-australia-things-to-do-39echoes-in-sydney-australia-things-to-do-38

While researching things to do in Sydney, I came across the idea of an open air cinema. I wanted to do this in Melbourne but the dates didn’t work out, and thank goodness, because no other city would beat this view. Watching a movie along the water with the Opera House and Harbour Bridge right behind the cinema screen felt like a dream. Also, it was a Kevin Hart movie, so major win. Before the movie began, all guests were allowed in earlier to grab a bite and drinks. The atmosphere here was lovely. I should warn you though, bats will come out while you are watching the movie as there’s a bat tree situated right behind the seating area 🙂 But not to worry, they aren’t the harmful type. We saw quite a few flying around above us during the movie and we still came out alive. So ready to live the Australian life, I tell you.

This was it. We went home and packed up for an early morning flight the next day. It was time to say goodbye to Sydney and head over to the 3rd city! See you in Melbourne, next Saturday on the blog.



  1. January 25, 2016 / 1:00 pm

    WOW – your photos are gorgeous! It looks beautiful there xoxo Samantha

  2. Ruthie
    January 26, 2016 / 3:33 am

    WOW!! What an adventure!! My favorite things were the blue mountains, the architecture, the beach looked amazing and that food!! WOW!! Thank you for sharing!! xo

  3. January 26, 2016 / 10:38 am

    Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!! I lvoe the sunsets and the scenic landscapes. So jealous you’re in Australia, I’ve wanted to travel there my entire life!

  4. January 26, 2016 / 9:00 pm

    OMG this post is amazing. I literally read parts of it out loud to my husband while he was packing for a work trip in the next room – we cracked up about brekky and macca’s. I love this series because I feel like I am getting to see parts of the world that I’ve never been to! Now this is on my list of places to travel!
    xo Annie

  5. January 27, 2016 / 3:47 pm

    These photos are beautiful!! Sydney is definitely on the top of my list of places to visit! Thanks so much for sharing, Gunjan!

    Jen |

  6. January 29, 2016 / 9:35 pm

    Looks like you had an amazing time babe. Great pics!!!

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