Image Optimization: Are Your Images Talking to Google and Pinterest?

Image Optimization for Fashion and Lifestyle Bloggers

Fashion and Lifestyle Bloggers produce a lot of great content. These images do really well on Instagram and help with building their following. Many bloggers also still believe in traditional blogging and publish those beautiful images on their websites too. However, there’s a huge aspect being overlooked in terms of receiving exposure for website images. Most of us have Instagram exposure covered; we use relevant hashtags to ensure our images are found. But for your website, ask yourself: how is your content being found on giant search engines like Google and Pinterest?

Do You Even Image Optimize, Bro?

Most of us probably have no idea how to even answer that question. Well, that’s where image optimization comes in. Search engine optimization can be really intimidating as it covers a lot of aspects. However, image optimization is a subset of SEO and in my opinion, this is the most important aspect for fashion and lifestyle (food, travel, home decor) blogs. Your photos are your strength, so let’s make sure they’re talking to Google and Pinterest and being found the way they deserve to be.

Within image optimization, there are a few things you should be doing as a publisher. But let’s focus on the main one: file naming. The key to ensuring your images are found lies in naming your files. I found that difficult to understand at first, but let’s think backwards for a second. When you search “bridal shower ideas”, “fall outfit trends 2017” or “chic bedroom decor” on Pinterest, highly relevant images begin popping up. Well, this isn’t pure magic. It’s a conscious effort on the part of those blog publishers. They ensured their images were named correctly and then uploaded them to their blogs and Pinterest profiles, enabling them for search engine results. With this understanding in mind, I’ve begun following this image optimization rule. Consequently, my top website referrers are search engines and Pinterest.

File Names: The One Image Optimization Rule to Follow

I use Lightroom for final edits on my images and mainly for exporting them. This is where I ensure they are sized and named appropriately for the web. For example, when I exported images for a blog post about a casino themed birthday party, this is how I named the images: casino-theme-party-30th-birthday-ideas-for-husband.jpg. Once I’ve exported the photos with useful file names, they’re ready to be uploaded to my blog post on WordPress. As the final step for image optimization (in terms of naming images), make sure you also add relevant text to the “Alt Text” field on your WordPress media uploading tool. This is what will show up when someone pins your images to their Pinterest board. And that’s it!

All of a sudden, my images have a lot more meaning and are actually talking to Google and Pinterest, helping readers around the globe find relevant content. Isn’t this a lot more meaningful than uploading images named “DSC0007628”? Even though I’m not actively promoting that particular blog post or any other old ones on my social media channels, I keep receiving hits on them until today. They’re happily living on the web, and being found by users who search for casino themed birthday party ideas or a travel guide to antelope canyon. Had the images not been named appropriately, the posts wouldn’t be found and may as well be considered dead on the web.

Make Image Optimization a Habit

Bring your posts to life, let them live and ensure they’re always talking to giant search engines like Google and Pinterest. The simple effort of naming your images based on its content will work wonders for your blog traffic and help to be found by the right people.

I hope all of this made sense, but you can always email me for further questions. Also feel free to let me know any other blogging tips you’d like to hear about. Happy Image Optimizing!

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  1. April 12, 2017 / 1:07 pm

    This was such a helpful post, Gunjan! I wasn’t previously doing this and am going to start now! xoxoxo, Krystle

  2. Krupa
    April 13, 2017 / 10:57 am

    Super helpful! Thank you!

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