Monthly Beauty Favourites: April

Monthly Beauty Favourites: April

April Monthly Beauty Favourites - Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray ReviewApril Monthly Beauty Favourites - Tatcha Camelia Cleansing Oil ReviewApril Monthly Beauty Favourites - Philosophy Time in a Bottle Serum ReviewApril Monthly Beauty Favourites - Philosophy Time in a Bottle Serum ReviewApril Monthly Beauty Favourites - Ardency Inn Modster Liquid Eyeliner ReviewApril Monthly Beauty Favourites - Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer Review

Hey guys, I was supposed to publish this post a week ago, but things have been crazy with a sudden family medical emergency back home. So now I’m actually posting this from my motherland, India. I’ll update you on the entire situation later (probably on Instagram), but for now let’s get to the April monthly beauty favourites. I had the opportunity of familiarizing myself with some new skincare and makeup products over the past month, and I want to recommend the same to you. Read more below!

Avène – Thermal Spring Water Spray

I was recently introduced to Avène, a drugstore brand that’s made in France. If you know me, then you know I love France-anything (minus escargots). One of my favourite products is their Thermal Spring Water Spray. I didn’t know something like this even exists as a part of skincare routines, but turns out that it’s pretty common. Quite a few brands have their own version but I particularly like this one because the spring water originates directly from the Cévennes Mountains in Avène, France.

Okay, so how do I actually use it? This product has many uses, and a quick spritz after cleansing, working out, hanging out in the sun, or during a flight can work wonders on refreshing your skin. I’ve been loving it in India specifically, because the city I’m in right now, has insane amounts of heat. Avene’s Thermal Spring Water Spray is one product I’ll be using for a long time, with a travel size on me at all times for flights!

Tatcha – Camelia Cleansing Oil

I talked about Tatcha on the blog sometime last year. My love for this Japanese skincare line has only grown with time. I’ve specifically been using the Camelia Cleansing Oil a lot more recently. I don’t know if it’s the skin dryness from winter, but I’ve been automatically reaching for this cleanser. It’s also the best for late night makeup removal. You won’t believe how well it removes all of my makeup while cleansing my skin at the same time. If my makeup application is heavier, I needed to do two rounds, but hey, can’t complain when it means reducing one less step late at night. I can’t say enough great things about this cleanser and if you’re ever afraid of making the leap to cleansing oils, I absolutely recommend starting (and staying) with this one.

Philosophy – Time in a Bottle

I received this product a few months ago, during Philosophy Canada’s product launch luncheon. The event invite for it was the cutest btw, it arrived rolled up in a glass bottle (just anoter reason why I love the Philosophy brand so, so much). I began incorporating this serum in my skincare routine more so in April and I plan to continue doing so. I feel like age-defying serums come with a connotation that they’re suitable only for the elder folk. That’s totally not true! I’ve been using serums as a part of my skincare routine for the past two years because I’ve learned they’re an absolute necessity. I love Philosophy’s Time in a Bottle serum specifically because it encompasses the three dimensions of time: yesterday, today, and tomorrow (at any age!). This serum is incredible for those looking to prevent and even reverse signs of aging on their face.

Ps. Make sure you use the serum within three months of mixing in the small bottle of vitamin activator.

Ardency Inn – Modster Easy Ride Supercharged Liquid Liner

Okay, onto some favourite makeup products. I recently discovered Ardency Inn’s Modster liquid eyeliner and I’ve been OBSESSED. I know many people think Kat Von D’s is the best in the game but I disagree. I love Modster so much because not only does it glide on smoothly, but it has a matte finish. If you can’t already tell how much I love it, check out how many I’m holding in my hands – and that’s because I never wanna be in a situation where they’re sold out, unavailable or back ordered. Yup, the obsession is very real and you’ve just gotta try it out for yourself to understand.

NARS – Soft Matte Complete Concealer

Over the past year, NARS has received all the fame in the concealer game. I’ve been meaning to finish my current concealer for the longest time and move on to NARS so I can see what the craze is all about. Well, I took too long and turns out NARS launched a new concealer by then – the Soft Matte Complete Concealer. When I tried it in store, it was love at first application. I liked this one much better in comparison to their popular concealer from last year. The texture is incredibly smooth and very blendable. I felt like I’m applying the softest cake, without it appearing cakey at all. If you’re looking for a heavy coverage concealer that feels light (shoutout to my fellow South Asian ladies), then I absolutely recommend this one.


Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my April monthly beauty favourites post. If you have specific questions about any of the products, feel free to drop me an email! Stay beautiful <3


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