My 2018 Goals

I didn’t officially say it on the blog yet, sooo, Happy 2018! It’s probably too late isn’t it? Well, I recently recovered from immense jetlag (mine always lingers around longer than most people’s, sigh) and I finally had the chance to start this post. Although I’m only penning it down now, I had already given a lot of thought to my 2018 goals during my travels over the last month and a bit. I’m so refreshed from my trip to India and Dubai and completely ready to take on 2018.


I believe that relationships are the core of success and happiness. I also believe they are always a work in progress. At the beginning of last year, I wrote a post on using a minimalist approach to managing emotions and I got great feedback on it from you guys. Well to check back in, I did work on that throughout last year and I felt much lighter with the minimalist approach. This year, I’m going to further work on simplifying personal relationships and ensure that love and empathy continues to be the essence of all personal interactions.


I’ve emphasized this on the blog before, and I’ll say it again. Friends and family are an utmost priority for Karan and I. Being one of the first ones from all of my groups of friends to get married, so many of my friends thought marriage would mean distance in our friendships. But Karan and I always knew that was one thing that would never change. Almost 4 years in to our marriage now and we’ve continued to spend a lot of time with our loved ones. But this year, I want to do even more for my friends and family. I’m going to find creative ways to show how much I appreciate their presence in our lives.


My 2018 goals would be incomplete without a focus on wellness. I say wellness very carefully because I don’t mean just working out, or just dieting. I mean wellness in its very essence and with regards to everything about my body and soul. I’m pretty good about working out 6 days a week so I’m going to definitely continue that one. This year though, I want to focus on even more yoga, pilates and meditation, better nutrition, and I want to take even better care of my skin.


I’ve always wanted my blog to be a resource for you guys so I’m going to drive that even further this year. When I looked back at my most viewed blog posts in 2017, I noticed the interest lies in instagram tips, travel guides, and style posts where I share more of my personality in the content. I’m going to make sure I use these statistics to give you guys what is most resourceful to you.

I’m also going to finally put a much stronger focus on Pinterest. It drives incredible traffic to my blog so I’m going to get better at posting my articles on Pinterest. This means I’m able to help even more of you and that makes me happy! 🙂

As for Instagram, you might have already noticed a shift in my content. I’m over the desaturated and minimal aesthetic. ‘Real’ is finally appreciated on the ‘gram again (how Instagram first began…) and I can’t wait to create more realistic and relatable content to share with you.


Ever since I launched my blog, I didn’t allow myself to take on new projects. But the truth is that I’ve had so many ideas on my mind. Well, 2018 is going to be the year I finally respect my entrepreneurial spirit. I’m going to allow myself to put at least one of my million ideas in action. I’m going to nurture it and see where it can take me, just like I did with my blog. I’m beyond excited to share the news with you in time to come.

Do any of my 2018 goals resonate with you? Let me know in the comments below!


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