Summer Sixteen has been incredibly busy with vacations, get togethers and events. I bet it has been equally busy on your end, right? Well, it’s going to slow down soon and to be honest, I’m quite ready for fall. That also means, we’ll need to find more places to hang out indoors as it starts getting colder.

Fortunately for us, we know where we’ll be spending more time after attending the grand opening of Taste MRKT at Scarborough Town Centre. Taste MRKT is a beautiful and newly renovated space serving foods from various cuisines around the world. What I loved most? The abundance of natural light shining in the vast seating area. While acquainting myself with this space, I quickly visualized fueling up here after shopping dates. I’m already excited for the completion of the second phase, which will be a more luxurious dining experience on the upper level. But that’s not until May 2017. For now, I’ll take you through the opening of this gorgeous space (it did not feel like it’s in the lower level with all of that light).

As a part of the Taste the World themed grand opening, we had the opportunity of tasting 7 dishes and bubble tea to close our grand meal. The dish and cutlery service came in handy with so many meals coming our way. Some of our favourites were from the new restaurants, Biryani, Naan & Kabob, Mii Sandwich Company (yummy Bao), Wasabi (husband loved the Sushi and I loved the Chicken Teriyaki) and Real Fruit Bubble Tea. While these new places impressed us, we also enjoyed good old favourites from Cultures and New York Fries. All of this aside, I’m looking forward to going back for my favourite; Chipotle! I hope my trainer isn’t reading this. Scroll down to see a few photos from the brand new Taste MRKT at Scarborough Town Centre.

STC Taste MRKT | Grand OpeningSTC Taste MRKT | Grand OpeningGrand opening celebrations in full swing.STC Taste MRKT | Grand Opening | Private TableOur private table at the media preview. This booth felt so luxe and comfy.STC Taste MRKT | Grand Opening | MenuThe grand menu.STC Taste MRKT | Grand Opening | Food OptionsKaran diving in to the Parmesan Chicken Poutine. Yum!STC Taste MRKT | Chicken Teriyaki | YSL ClutchI was addicted to the Chicken Teriyaki from Wasabi Grill & Noodle.STC Taste MRKT | Grand Opening | Chicken KabobThe delicious Chicken Kabob.STC Taste MRKT | Grand Opening | Bubble TeaBubble Tea to finish! My all time favourite flavour is Honeydew Melon.STC Taste MRKT | Grand Opening | Songbird Echoes | Gunjan and KaranThank you for having us, STC!

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This post is sponsored by Oxford Properties. All opinions are my own.


  1. Angelle Marix
    August 17, 2016 / 12:19 am

    You are so cool and gorgeous!!!! I’m loving every picture that you captured. Love!! I also freakin’ adore Bubble Tea ???? my husband got me hooked.


  2. August 17, 2016 / 11:04 am

    Your outfit is absolutely gorgeous as are you! Looks like a fun event!
    XX-Samantha | chicserendipityblog.com

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