Vacation Glow, Sans Vacation

Vacation Glow, Sans Vacation

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It’s been pretty long since my last real blog post so I figured it’s time for a life update on the blog. Truth is, it has been incredibly busy. From a new job, to personal health changes, to family health issues, to family visiting from back home. The best part? I’m not complaining about any of it (except the health issues). I have been loving every bit of the new changes and experiences that have come my way. But this has meant no vacations, and it may mean no vacations for some more time.

If you’ve been following my blog since the beginning or know me offline and pre-blog, then you can understand how sad it makes me to not travel as often. Last year we traveled to 17 cities! Some of the obvious reasons I love to travel are the new memories, experiences and a general rejuvenated feeling. Not to mention a beautiful vacation glow. I miss that part the most and I’ve been looking for ways to update my makeup routine to add that vacation glow I normally have after returning from somewhere warm or tropical. I recently came across Elizabeth Arden’s tropical collection and so far, it comes the closest to my real vacation glow. There’s a full review on the new products I tried below.

Dare to Bare Body Bronzing Oil

Okay, so I’ve never gone tanning (even though my mom has a tanning salon). I’ve never used anything artificial on my body to add a bronzed look or anything like that. But every time I came back from vacation, I’d love the bronzed glow all over me. Turns out this body bronzing oil adds the perfect glow with the slightest, most perfect hint of shimmer. Contrary to what I anticipated, it doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky. Yay! I’ve been using it a lot on my collar bones lately, perfect for those off the shoulder tops and dresses this summer! It also has the most tropical fragrance 🙂

FourEver Bronze Bronzing Powder

This quartet is seriously blessed. Sometimes I use each of them separately, and other times, I sweep my make up brush around the palette for a bronzed and summer glow all over my face. I found that this combination works well because Elizabeth Arden seems to have given a good thought to which shade of blush/highlighter matches a bronzed look, vs. other shades that may not be such a good match. It’s genius.

Sheer Kiss Lip Oil

I love a good matte lipstick on the regs, but a lip oil gives that perfect moisturized and fresh lip look that comes from being in a tropical atmosphere. It’s perfect to use throughout summer when I need a quick pick-me-up, something that adds dimension and freshness to my lips.

I also tried their Maximum Volume Mascara and Brow Gel. The mascara happened to separate and lengthen my lashes beautifully and effortlessly. While I normally use something much heavier, this minimal mascara look is perfect for a fresh and glowing, yet natural look. Just like on vaycay.

My favourites from the Tropical Escape collection have definitely been the Dare to Bare body bronzing oil and the FourEver bronzing powder. I absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for a vacation glow. I plan to keep it going right through Fall. And even though I can’t share travel experiences anytime soon, I’m loving everyone’s travel photos on the gram. Keep ’em coming! I can’t wait to share more travel experiences with you in time 🙂



  1. Goldie
    September 21, 2017 / 10:26 am

    Wish your Travel plans come to reality soon and good luck for ur new job and wish all good health and happy times.

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